Canadian bus company switches to mixed case

Andy Dewhurst

If you have ever waited for a bus and don’t know the right number, you have probably strained to read the destination displayed on incoming buses before hailing them. A Canadian bus company in Ottawa has started using a simple way to alleviate this, though, by switching its LED destination signs

Sir Peter Blake presents new typographical work

Andy Dewhurst

Perhaps best known for the iconic cover of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album, Sir Peter Blake has had an impressive career. Now aged 85, a new body of his work entitled Dazzle Alphabet has been put on display at the Bohun Gallery of Henley-on-Thames. Each piece in the work focuses on.

Thames & Hudson publishes new book about supergraphics

Andy Dewhurst

The term “supergraphics” is generally used to label typography and other wall art intended for walls and other large-scale surfaces, a practice that is being increasingly used in recent years. These grand designs can be used to guide people around complex transport systems, such as Lance Wyman’s wayfinding system for Mexico City’s metro network, or.